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Back Pain Treatment

Trusted Osteopathy Clinics in Chelsea and Balham

If you are suffering from a sports injury, back pain, or any musculoskeletal symptoms visit our clinics or call us at the Total Health Practice Osteopathy Clinics. We welcome patients from the Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, South Kensington, Balham, Clapham, Wandsworth, Battersea, Streatham and the surrounding areas. We offer a diverse range of osteopathic techniques to patients covering the SW12, SW10, SW6, SW4, SW11, SW17, SW18 areas.

At our clinics we can help you manage your aches and pains

At our clinics we can help you manage your aches and pains

With our established clinics since 2005, and our expertise in treating patients in private practice and the NHS we can provide excellence in osteopathic treatment and management of a variety of conditions. From muscular and nerve pain to neck pain or shoulder conditions, our treatments can help you to restore to improved function and can help to prevent further deterioration of your condition. At the Total Health Practice Osteopathy clinics we offer a diverse range of Osteopathic techniques, including massage, stretching, mobilisations and even acupuncture that are specific to each patient individual requirements. Contact our clinics to see how we could help you restore balance in your life.

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Visiting our Clinics

Our Osteopaths use electronic software to record and manage your clinical information and notes about your conditions. You will receive an Osteopathic consent form to complete before your appointment.

A full medical case history will be taken to understand your current condition and previous medical history.

You will be given a full examination to determine where your symptoms are coming from which may involve a series of movement assessments and special diagnostic tests.

The findings will be recorded and explained to you in a way that you can understand your condition, and a treatment plan will be discussed and with your consent you will receive osteopathic treatment.

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The benefits of Osteopathy

  • Improvement in joint and spinal movement

  • Pain management strategies

  • Postural treatment, advice and strengthening

  • Corrective Exercise Rehabilitation advice

  • Prevention of further injury management

  • Improvements in muscle tightness, tone and pain.

  • Symptom management


Osteopathy is hands on treatment

Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners; they are trained to reach their own diagnoses and decide the best course of treatment for your problem with your consent. A treatment session will include a bespoke treatment to meet your needs. This can range from very gentle release (like cranial osteopathy) through massage, stretching and articulation, to exercise prescription and HVLT (joint mobilisation).

Osteopaths can also be trained in other therapies which they may incorporate where needed, like dry needling acupuncture, visceral manipulation or exercise rehabilitation.

Structural osteopathy looks at the impact of musculoskeletal problems like injuries or tension in the muscles, joints, nerves and tendons, and evaluates how they might be affecting wellbeing as a whole. Through analysis and manipulation, your osteopath will seek to treat the root cause of the problem, as well as ease the presenting symptoms, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of recurrence.


What is Osteopathy 

Osteopathy is an established and recognised system of diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal problems. It involves the examination of the structure and function of the body and how its various parts, such as the bones, joints, ligaments, discs, muscles, tendons and nerves, work together in unity. It addresses the pain, aches and strains caused by a breakdown of the body’s usual working patterns to help alleviate the symptoms. Osteopathic treatment consists of techniques such as mobilisation and manipulation of the bones, joints and soft-tissues to remove restrictions which may be preventing normal mobility, blood flow, nerve supply and muscle activity.

Are you in pain?

If you are suffering from aches and pains in any part of your body, contact us to book a consultation.


We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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You can find our clinics here
Chelsea and Balham 

We can help ease those aches and pains. Call us or visit our clinics in Chelsea and Balham.

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